Satellite Offices: The New Flexible Work Space Solution


By: OnePeice Work

Maybe you’ve seen encouraging data. Maybe you’ve heard positive feedback from your team. Maybe you’re just not quite ready to return to the office in the traditional form as we once knew it. Regardless of how you arrived at the decision, you’ve made the call to continue offering flexible work options to your team for the rest of 2020 and possibly beyond. Now what?

Remote Working Is Here To Stay

If nothing else, this pandemic has been a great experiment on remote working and the results are overwhelmingly positive. Employees feel freer and less burdened by commuting and office minutiae. This has led to more productivity and focus, and perhaps most importantly, increased quality of life. Workers now have time for their morning workouts, daily dog-walking, and other essential parts of life that were traditionally pushed aside for office time.

For companies, the boost to the bottom line is undeniable. Rent, utilities, wifi, supplies, cleaning staff, and other operating costs can now be drastically reduced or cut altogether.

Add in ancillary benefits like reducing our carbon footprint, and flexible work solutions look to be an attractive office solution going forward.

Not Everybody Loves Work-From-Home

Man works at home with a crying child in his lap

On the other hand, not everybody loves working from home. As we decentralized our workforces overnight and sent them home to work, no one knew what to expect. As days turned to weeks and weeks to months, workers started to experience work-from-home fatigue. Distractions like childcare became a real issue. Cramped workspaces shared with family and roommates became harder to manage. Feelings of isolation and lack-of-purpose crept into the workday. Work-life balance became harder to define as employees worked longer hours, sometimes just a few feet from where they slept.

Bridging The Gap

OnePiece Work Santa Clara location lobby

So how do you bridge the gap between work-from-home and the traditional office model, while still offering all of the benefits your team loves about flexible work? 

If you’re a company with a central location in the San Francisco Bay Area, consider OnePiece Work. We offer scalable, flexible office solutions for teams of all sizes. With OnePiece Work’s flexible solutions, your employees can report to any one of our curated, modern, professional workspaces instead of commuting to your office. 

With cutting edge design and all the amenities of the modern workplace make our workspaces a comfortable environment to create, collaborate, and focus. Your employees can take advantage of private workspaces, shared areas, and meeting and conference rooms, and our community makes staying connected is easy. Plus, our helpful staff is always there to handle all of your needs.

With locations in San FranciscoFoster CitySanta Clara, and Santa Monica, your team can find the workspace closest to them for a super-convenient alternative to their daily commute.


For more flexible workspace trends and solutions, check out our upcoming webinar series.



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