This is The
Future of Work

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It's no secret that the workspace is evolving, and fast. So how do you keep up?

In our experience helping 350+ companies find and design the right workspace for their teams in this changing landscape, we've gathered key insights around what modern workplaces need to adapt and thrive today. We know that you've got a lot on your plate—so here's how we can help.

What Does the
Future of Work
Look Like?

Companies are Migrating at Scale

As remote work becomes more commonplace, companies will start to move from big cities to low-density locations — increasing the need for remote and satellite offices for distributed teams.

Remote Work is the New Normal

From a workplace perk to a workplace norm, companies are adapting to be more flexible to this style of work even faster than before.

Every Company is Now a Tech Company

Another new norm? The accelerated use of technology in the workplace. It's now no longer a luxury, but an essential to maintain productivity at work.

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"OnePiece Work is one of the best places to work out of, because we love the care the team puts in to give us a fun, collaborative and safe environment."

Han Jin
Lucid, CEO

"OnePiece Work has given us the flexibility to grow our team within the space. As a fast-growing start-up, it's the perfect place to cultivate a collaborative team culture."

Yvonne Young
Larq, Senior Marketing
Communications Manager

"OnePiece Work has nailed the shared workspace concept.  A great location, great amenities, and great staff equal great experience, especially at a place like 950 Tower lane.  If you want to enjoy the ride while changing the world, you will love working from a OnePiece Work office.

Javier Quezada
Sail Internet, Head of Business Development

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