Coffee & Coworking in Seattle - There’s No Place Better


By: OnePeice Work

We schedule meetings around it, depend on it to get us through the day, and use it to spark our creative energy. It’s coffee, and it goes hand in hand with the way we live, work, and play.

Seattle gave birth to America’s coffee craze, and it’s just as much a part of their culture as innovation and big ideas. So it’s no wonder the city that started the coffee revolution is now leading the way in cutting-edge business startups.

Read on to learn the history of coffee in Seattle, where to grab a cup when you’re in town, and where to get down to business while you savor it.

Coffee in Seattle: A Brief History

First, consider the weather. Seattle’s cold, damp, drizzly climate is perfect for sipping a warm cup of coffee. That’s what inspired the first wave of Seattle coffeehouses, like Cafe Encore, The Place Next Door, and El Matador, all of which opened in the late ’50s and early ’60s. Like most west coast cities in mid-century, Seattle was all about counterculture and bohemian values. The artists, poets, and thinkers of the day used coffeehouses to exchange ideas and just plain hang out. 

Fast forward to 1971, when a little shop called Starbucks (fun fact: named after the first mate in Moby Dick) started a modest operation that would satisfy Seattle’s growing demand for sophisticated brews. Peet’s Coffee & Tea, a California coffee venue started in 1966, pioneered exotic beans and unique blends from around the world. Starbucks got its start by reselling Peet’s beans in bulk. In 1976 they opened their flagship store (still standing in the famous Pike Place Market!) and sold actual beverages - changing the game as we know it.

Today, hundreds of independent roasters, coffee shops, and artisans dot every corner of Seattle, offering an abundance of responsibly-sourced, craft coffee you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

The 5 Best Cups in Seattle

Elm Coffee Roasters
This trendy, open space is filled with natural light and some of Seattle’s hippest coffee drinkers. Of course, that’s just half the reason to visit. The espresso and pastries from neighboring London Place make this a true coffee-haven.

La Marzocco
No spot captures the spirit of coffee in Seattle better. Part museum and part coffee shop, La Marzocco also focuses on the future of coffee with a rotating residence program - where a new global roaster sets ups an in-store pop-up cafe each month.

Victrola Cafe & Roastery
Victrola’s airy Pike St. location doubles as a roastery, where every Wednesday at 11 a.m. the public can enjoy a free tasting of the company’s prized single-origin coffees.

Tuogo was opened in 2007, and its standing as one of Seattle’s oldest coffee shops speaks to Seattle’s ever-evolving coffee landscape. This is hard-core coffee served by down-to-earth baristas. Loyalists love the nuanced brews, and newcomers appreciate the accessible experience. 

Seattle Coffee Works
There are two types of coffee shop customers - those who need a cup on the go, and those who want to look, learn, and savor. Seattle Coffee Works deftly serves both - with a coffee bar that slings quick & quality cups and a slow bar that showcases the forefront of Seattle brewing.

Seattle’s Ultimate Coworking Experience

When you’ve got your favorite coffee in hand, head over to OnePiece Work Seattle for an innovative cross-border coworking experience. Located in the heart of the Central Business District of downtown Seattle right next door to top technology companies like Amazon, Uber, and Google, the building offers 24/7 lobby security and a beautiful lake view. Famous nearby attractions within walking distance include Pioneer SquarePike Place Market, the Art Museum, boutique stores, and many of Seattle’s finest restaurants.

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