Why Foster City is Becoming Bay Area’s Office Hub

OnePiece Work
September 29, 2019
OnePiece Work

Founded in the 1960s and named for real estate tycoon T. Jack Foster, Foster City is located in San Mateo County on San Francisco Bay. Because of its location and local industries, this city of 35,000 residents is earning a reputation as a prominent member of Silicon Valley. In 2009, Foster City was awarded the 10th spot on Forbes’ America’s Top 25 Towns to Live Well list. And Money magazine named it one of the Best Places to Live. Foster City is also considered to be one of the safest cities in the U.S., making it an ideal location for a OnePiece Work coworking space.

Along with its proximity to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Foster City also offers its residents and visitors alike an abundance of activities.

Here are some of the fun things you can do in Foster City all year long:

Shopping: Hillsdale Shopping Center

Photo Credit: Facebook

Transportation: Caltrain Station (8 mins drive, we have free shuttle bus from the station to our office, Metro Tower)

Dining: Cooking Papa - Local Chinese chain serving BBQ, dim sum, clay pot dishes, noodles & more in casual surroundings. Michelin recommendation restaurant. OnePiece Work CEO, Vickey Li's favorite restaurant.

Photo Credit: Yelp

Things to Do

Water Lantern Festival

Founded in 2017,  Water Lantern Festival is an incredible experience where you, your friends, and your family will create a magical memory of life. It can be a very emotional experience, writing down some of your hope and dreams, or a letter to a loved one, and then sending it out into the water. At the Water Lantern Festival, we cherish these moments and will do our best to help you have an memorable experience that you'll never forget.

July 4th Firework

Join the City of Foster City and the Lions Club of Foster City for this exciting all-day event at Leo Ryan Park!  You don't want to miss all the games, food, entertainment, family and dog parade, and a grand fireworks display.

Photo shot in OnePiece Work Office

Metro Tower 21st floor, 360 degree view (OnePiece Work)

Located at 950 Tower Lane, OnePiece Work’s Foster City location overlooks the city of San Francisco. Our integrated center boasts top floor offices that take advantage of a 360-degree panoramic view of the entire Bay Area, right next to Visa headquarters. We chose this ideal location because we believe the beautiful surroundings and vibrant city will serve as a source of inspiration and offer a sense of belonging to our members.

Photo Credit: @blakezhu0708

Speaking of cities, people have a lot of reverie about the skyline: under the deep blue night sky, thousands of lights symbolize the prosperity of urban agglomerations, or take home the sense of belonging.

In the Bay Area, there is another place where we can see a 360-degree panorama of the entire Bay Area, overlooking San Francisco as if the Innovation Center is in our arms. This is the headquarters of OnePiece Work.

OnePiece Work Foster City is located in 950 TOWER LN, Foster City.

Our Foster City workspace was designed to encourage creativity and innovation. Members work from comfortable sofas or meet and share ideas at any of our common-area workstations. Our slogan, "Trust Your Crazy Ideas," lights up the office’s green wall, empowering our members to innovate without restrictions and to put their ideas into action.

Not only does the OnePiece Work Foster City location allow members to enjoy the best scenery in the Bay Area, it also offers a slew of top-notch amenities. Members have access to an open kitchen equipped with large refrigerators, microwave ovens, bread machines and an unlimited supply of snacks and drinks. OnePiece Work also organizes member luncheons and monthly food and wine-tasting activities. This combination of amenities and a creative working environment with some of the most inspiring views in the city makes our Foster City space a no-brainer for those looking to join a global tech community.

Watch our Foster City office tour video:

Visit our Foster City location today!


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