Together We Stand: Stories of Sacrifice from Global CEOs During COVID-19

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April 21, 2020
OnePiece Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought chaos and uncertainty across the world. It has turned our lives upside down while forcing us to see things from a different standpoint. Living through it once was hard enough - but can you imagine surviving it twice? With locations in both the U.S. and China, OnePiece Work has a unique perspective on COVID-19 and its effects on our global communities.

Our CEO Vickey Li is committed to help stem the spread of COVID-19 and is calling on her fellow business leaders to do the same. Posted on Medium by Vickey on March 12, her open letter stated:

We closely followed what they went through earlier this year and saw the sacrifices they made by self-quarantining. As a result, the precautions made a positive impact on the spread of the virus. We believe the U.S will have to go through the same painful but necessary short term losses in an effort to maintain the long-term health of our communities.

Along with other CEOs, Vickey has added her name to #StoptheSpread, a grassroots campaign to stand together and make a significant financial commitment to COVID-19 support and recovery - focused primarily on funding national healthcare needs like ventilators, respirators and supplies for our hospitals around the U.S.

To better support our community, the team at OnePiece Work has been working hard to deliver the following:

Mask Donations

  • We are working with our team in China to donate 5,000+ face masks to local hospitals and essential workers in California.

Small Business Resources and Support

  • Our Community Management Team has compiled a list of federal, state, and private grants that small businesses can leverage to survive this market downturn and emerge stronger than ever. Read this blog post and find what’s best for you: Small Business Resources for Uncertain Times
  • We continue to publish weekly newsletters and blog posts regarding up-to-date information on small business resources. Subscribe to our newsletter today.

Online Webinars

  • We have put together a series of community-curated webinars to discuss helpful topics for small businesses during this time, including fundraising tips, financial solutions, and market re-entry strategies: .

OnePiece Flex Solution

  • If you know anyone who is struggling with their current traditional office lease, please make a connection with us at We are very happy to provide a free consultation session to help them with their leases.
  • We’re also providing relief office membership programs for businesses being impacted by COVID-19. Set up a call with our sales team today.
  • Watch the webinar recording of “Preparing an Action Plan for your Office Space During/After the Crisis” with our CEO and LiquidSpace CEO Mark Gilbreath.

We’ve gathered other amazing stories of the global founders who inspire us the most as we continue to fight this crisis. Read on to see the sacrifices that leaders from around the globe are making as they adjust to COVID-19.

Ed Bastian, Delta

Perhaps the industry hit hardest by COVID-19 is the world’s airlines. As panicked travelers cancel trips and grounded aircraft incur staggering costs, one CEO made an unprecedented choice. Ed Bastian, leader of Atlanta-based Delta, has announced that he will forego his salary for six months as his airline slashes operations. The decision will save Delta hundreds of thousands of dollars as they make critical decisions about their future.

Ed Baristan, Delta Airline

Sarah Blakely, Spanx

20 years ago, Sarah Blakely founded fashion giant Spanx with just $5,000 - and that’s how much she’s giving to 1,000 deserving female business owners to help weather the COVID-19 storm. Along with the funding, each recipient will receive a free annual All-Access Pass to online education platform MasterClass, including Blakely’s entrepreneurship class. “My hope is that with this funding and mentorship, you’ll find support and comfort during this time. It’s been my greater mission in life to empower and elevate women, and when you help a woman fulfill her potential…magic happens,” Blakely said.

Sarah Blakely, Spanx

David Barrett, Expensify

Software company Expensify (OnePiece Work’s expense management vendor) has taken immediate action to help curb hunger in the face of COVID-19. With schools and businesses closing around the nation, they realize that not everyone has the resources to “shelter in place” - including the millions of people in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). With that in mind, Expensify has redirected all of their charitable funds to the fund to provide immediate support to families in need.

David Barrett, Expensify

Andrew Cherng, Panda Express

Andrew Cherng and his wife Peggy, co-founders of restaurant chain Panda Express, have donated $2 million to buy personal protective equipment for medical staff at hospitals in the areas most impacted by COVID-19. Beyond just donating supplies, the Cherngs are feeding communities through their philanthropic arm Panda Cares. They’ve contributed $2 million to Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization, to make sure families and children are fed during this difficult time.

Andrew Cherng, Panda Express

Li Lu, Himalaya Capital Management

American investor Li Lu, the founder of Himalaya Capital Management, helped curb COVID-19’s initial outbreak by donating and delivering supplies to over 100 hospitals and medical institutions in Wuhan and all around China. Now, his focus has shifted to his home country. His work helped secure 4-million N95 masks for Washington State and a 70-million mask purchase between the U.S. and China. Li and his associates have also donated supplies to local hospitals, communities and organizations and are continuously introducing reliable suppliers to large hospitals to help them procure necessities.

Li Lu, Himalaya Capital Management

Congxuan Shu, Home Original Chicken

Home Original Chicken is the largest fast-food chain in Anhui province, with more than 800 stores in the country. In the middle of China’s COVID-19 outbreak, Home Original Chicken chairman Congxuan Shu posted a video speech revealing billions in losses and the closing of over 100 franchises. "I am even willing to sell assets like real estate and cars. I'll try my best to maintain the jobs of my 16,328 employees," Shu Congxuan, founder and chairman of Chinese fast food chain Home Original Chicken, told the Global Times.

Congxuan Shu, Home Original Chicken

Are you a CEO or founder making your own sacrifices as you navigate your team through the global COVID-19 response? Our CEO Vickey Li would like to connect with you! Contact to start the conversation.

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