The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Virtual Event

OnePiece Work
February 12, 2021
OnePiece Work

With everything moving to the online sphere, it’s important to find new and creative ways to stay connected with your remote team. Virtual events are a fun way to boost morale, encourage positive company culture, and bond with your fellow coworkers!

We’ve partnered with Confetti to guide you step by step in planning your very own virtual event. Here's how:

Decide on an Event 

Gather ideas from your team, and ask them what they think would be fun! Based on their answers, put together a monthly, quarterly, or yearly calendar of fun. Announce the calendar during an upcoming meeting and encourage new hires to sign up and participate

Here are a few ideas and activities for training leadership skills and developing strong and effective teams:

  • Game night - Everyone loves and knows how to play classic games like Charades, Taboo, or Pictionary. Pick a funny and engaging host from your team. For a fun twist, customize questions and prompts based on your brand. 
  • Classes & workshops - Bond over a shared activity like a painting class with BYOB, a cooking class with a specific dish or theme, or an origami workshop with custom foldings. 
  • Networking events - Invite friends, colleagues, and others to a networking mixer where they can play team building games, short ice-breaker activities, or simply chat and share resources over a virtual lunch party.
  • Shippables - Got all of your activities planned out but still feel like you’re missing a little something? Sprinkle in some extra add-ons like prizes for competitions or treats.

Send out the invitation

Get the word out with custom-designed invites. Use them to capture the unique theme and feel of your event, while including important details like date, time, and Zoom info. Feel free to get creative - our team loves using Canva!

Now that you’ve sparked interest, send out a basic calendar invite to get a more accurate headcount. Include all video conferencing information so everyone can hop on the call easily when it’s time! 

A few days before your event...

Send out a short & sweet message to get everyone hyped! 

When all packages are expected to have been received, make sure participants double-check their mailboxes to ensure they have all the necessary materials on hand.

Event Day: Make It Fun!

To avoid any pre-event chilliness, warm up with icebreakers to get the conversation flowing. These are light, fun, and silly questions designed to get to know your team members in a more personal way. You might be surprised when the quietest person in the office reveals secret plans for an elaborate heist.

We suggest using breakout rooms to divide the meeting into smaller groups, as well as initiating Zoom polls, to increase engagement and get everyone talking. 

Need a hand? Choose from tons of fully customizable, pre-planned events at Confetti.

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