The Reason Why Coworking is the New Networking

OnePiece Work
March 10, 2020
OnePiece Work

There are a ton of reasons that networking is good for business. It drives recommendations, connects you to mentors and investors, sharpens your pitch skills, and so much more. We owe it to ourselves to get out there regularly, but building structured networking time into our already busy schedules can feel impossible. That’s where coworking comes in.

Coworking flips the script by providing an environment that’s already curated for networking. In a non-competitive workspace that’s creatively charged, people will socialize, collaborate, and share knowledge. It’s human nature. Founders, freelancers, and even big businesses are tapping into the energy of coworking spaces - and networking like never before.

Here are a few reasons why coworking is the new networking.

Double Your Efficiency

We love doing two things at once: watching the news on the treadmill, checking email on the bus, facetiming from the grocery aisle. It gives us more time to focus on ourselves (and our careers). So if we can network simply by showing up to work - that’s a huge win. Coworking space lets us do that every day, so we can use our outside-the-office time to begin benefiting from those relationships, instead of seeking them out to begin with.

Network Now, Not Later

We don’t like waiting for anything, and that includes networking. Coworking offers instant networking gratification: relationships are forming organically, in real-time, with in-the-moment collaboration. The networking “dance” can be a waste of time (the emails, the scheduling, the events). Coworking is way more efficient. It’s a hyper-condensed timeline that focuses on what matters most: building beneficial relationships now.

Two young professionals on laptops collaborate in OnePiece Work San Francisco coworking space

Prove It

Networking is a basic transaction: what can you do for me, what can I do for you? Traditional networking answers those questions with a lot of talking. Coworking answers them with a lot of doing. Watching your neighbors operate and innovate on a daily basis gives you an unmistakable gauge of their skills, ethics, plans, and vision. Instead of guessing who’s the best person in the room to align with, you can see it plainly. And the same goes for you. Every day that you bring your hustle to a coworking space, someone is growing their interest in your personal brand.  

OnePiece Work Shenzhen location lobby featuring rustic wood finishes, custom light fixtures, and stylized signage

OnePiece Work is an innovative cross-border flexible workspace with locations in the U.S. and China. We create innovative spaces that inspire every day, where members can interact freely with each other and build their own valuable network. We provide guidance for start-ups looking to expand globally by linking them up with our extensive network of investors, Fortune 500 companies, academic leaders, and entrepreneurs from across the globe.

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