Santa Monica - The Ultimate City for Global Startups

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December 10, 2019
OnePiece Work

Welcome to Silicon Beach, the stretch of Southern California that’s rapidly becoming the country’s premier tech hub (and the city’s buzziest area). Spanning the Pacific Ocean to the Hollywood Hills, from Santa Monica to LAX, it’s a place where beach vibes, cutting-edge innovation, and artistic spirit exist side-by-side. And Santa Monica is at the center of it all.

Long known for its tourism and sleepy beach-side shops & cafes, today Santa Monica is home to a collection of dozens of inspiring tech companies that are blazing a trail through Silicon Beach and beyond.

Why is Santa Monica the ultimate city for global startups? Read on to find out.

Inspiring Neighbors

The sense of community in Silicon Beach is real and the innovation is contagious. It’s a collection of young founders and professionals with a common drive - and they need not look far to see what happens when big ideas come together with even bigger ambitions.

Anyone who chooses Santa Monica as the location for their global startup will have tech titans and young companies alike as their neighbors. Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Snapchat (founded right next door in Venice!) and Hulu are some of Silicon Beach’s biggest names, while startups like Headspace, TaskUs, and Inspire are the next wave of success stories. It’s the perfect environment to learn, network, and grow.

Access to World-Class Content

If Silicon Valley is the grandfather of tech, Silicon Beach is the cool new kid on the block. The biggest difference between California’s tech hubs? Access to content.

L.A. is a creativity hotspot. It’s not only home to fascinating founders and insightful entrepreneurs, but it’s also the national capital of content - industry leaders in music, video, media, and design innovate here every day. As content and tech further intersect, Santa Monica startups are in a perfect position to work alongside these content-creators and be inspired by their talents.

Robust Tax Incentives

Santa Monica startups can take advantage of a number of valuable local, state, and federal resources that are available to help new businesses.

Real estate permitting and construction, bonds & loans, tax relief, economic development zones, equipment purchases, energy sustainability, waste management, assistance for green businesses, workforce training and incentives, and export planning & assistance are just some of the incentives that make Santa Monica so startup-friendly.

For a full list of resources that could help your startup, click here.

Close to It All

Santa Monica is close to LAX, downtown LA, and other areas that every startup should know. In addition to being in the heart of it all, Santa Monica is close to its Silicon Valley neighbors like Venice, Marina del Rey, and Playa Vista - perfect for collaborating, networking, and partnering with other startups.

Surrounded by Beauty

The mountains, the beach, the weather - the abundance of natural beauty is an added benefit to doing business in Santa Monica.

Use it as a recruiting tool for top talent. Take advantage of if when planning your office space. Factor it into your team building activities. Or just recharge your batteries in the sunny SoCal climate when you’re too stressed.

The Perfect Space

OnePiece Work is the perfect space for global startups to make their mark in Santa Monica. More than just an innovative co-working space, we’re an incubator for cross-border businesses.

We’ve built a community of founders and entrepreneurs who work and thrive together. Our access to global-specific mentors, strategies, and VC is available to all members. Book a tour today!

Visit our Santa Monica location today!


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