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OnePiece Work
August 10, 2020
OnePiece Work

Founded in February 2019, Build Analysis is a leading provider of pre-construction analytics and construction management services using specialized data to support clients all around the world. The company got its start when co-founders Arash Mofakham and Hadi Joudi quit their corporate jobs at Swinerton Builders, one of California’s most prominent general contractors. There, they both gained experience in managing large, complex construction projects. Now, they’ve used their years of expertise to complete over 120 smaller-scale projects while providing data-driven real estate development services.

At Build Analysis, Arash and Hadi assist developers and contractors in managing their projects from the design phase until completion. They start their process in the early stages of design conceptualization. This allows them to determine the project budget, timeline, team of contractors, and overall plan for the entire construction phase.

OnePiece Work had a major role in Arash and Hadi’s vision for Build Analysis. As soon as they left their corporate jobs, they knew that they needed a designated workspace to fully realize their new business endeavor. Both based in Los Angeles, they needed an office space that fit their specific needs as a young, growing business.

Arash and Hadi searched for office space across Los Angeles, trying out a few coworking spaces until they found OnePiece Work in Santa Monica. They fell in love with the downtown Santa Monica location, innovative office design, the diverse OnePiece Work community, as well as the flexibility of 24/7 office access and on-site meeting rooms.

“We work mostly from the OnePiece Work office since we have 24/7 access to the conference rooms with a big screen to review plans and our presentations. The extra amenities are a plus - free printing, coffee, and our own desks. We feel more energized and efficient while working from the office vs at home.”

– Arash Mofakham, Co-Founder at Build Analysis

COVID-19 greatly impacted OnePiece Work when it hit the United States. The health and safety of our community became our top priority, and we quickly implemented rigorous Safety and Wellness Guidelines at all of our office locations. These guidelines were designed to facilitate a smooth transition for our members as they transition back into working at the office.

“We both appreciate that OnePiece Work has been very proactive and communicative about placing new safety guidelines and office setup due to the current situation. There was no fear nor hesitation to go back to the office.”

– Hadi Joudi, Co-Founder at Build Analysis

We were honored to have Arash and Hadi from Build Analysis host part 5 of our 6-part webinar series aiming to redefine the future of work.

Watch The State of CRE: Current Industry’s Economy Webinar recording:

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