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May 18, 2020
OnePiece Work

Right now we’re taking every possible precaution to protect ourselves from COVID-19. We self-isolate, wear protective masks, and follow the advice of experts to lessen our chances of infection. But amidst all of this, what are we doing to improve our holistic wellness? As we get deeper into quarantine, we can’t forget that safeguarding our bodies, minds, and souls is just as important! Since the transition to work-from-home over a month ago, OnePiece Work has been partnering with our own expert to give our community the tools they need to stay well throughout the difficult weeks and months ahead.

Brooke Simonson is an Oakland-based certified nutrition/wellness coach and podcast host. Brooke has created a custom plan for our community to stay healthy and active during our time at home, including a 10-day challenge and an informative webinar.

Here, we’ll share some of Brooke’s proven strategies for practicing wellness while working remotely.

Brooke believes in following the N+ Approach, aka “the approach that actually works if you want to lose weight, keep it off, and feel truly healthy”! N+ stands for nutrition PLUS sleep, stress management, movement, and mindset. These 5 pillars of wellness are different from diets.If you’ve failed at diets in the past, it’s not your fault. Here’s why:

  1. They use a one-size-fits-all approach, and every person is different.
  2. They’re too short-sighted. You can’t just focus on nutrition in a vacuum and expect incredible long-term results.
  3. They’re too restrictive. Who wants to count calories and points and macros all day long and never eat a carb again? Not us!

For lasting results, you have to figure out what works best for YOU in all five areas. As mentioned, one-size-fits-all approaches don’t work, but there are some one-size-fits-all principles (or “best practices") that we should all aim for.


Bowl of healthy whole vegetables and poached eggs on a rustic wood table
  • Eat real, whole foods and minimally processed foods. Cook for yourself as much as you can with fresh, simple ingredients
  • Avoid ultra-processed foods. Read the ingredients label before buying anything!
  • Avoid fried foods. Fried foods increase your risk of obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other key disease-causing factors.
  • Avoid refined carbs (aka refined sugar and refined grains). Instead, reach for slow-digesting complex carbs - like oats and sweet potatoes.
  • Avoid vegetable oils. These common culprits can lead to heart disease, inflammation, obesity, and diminished brain function. What’s worse, they contain carcinogens that are harmful to your everyday health.


  • Get 7-9 hours of deep, restful sleep each night.
  • “Turn-off” before bed: limit screen time, caffeine, and other stimuli that may keep you awake.
  • Regular, healthful sleep has so many benefits - including heart health, stress-reduction, weight control, increased brain activity while awake, and so much more!

Stress Management

  • Figure out what works for YOU when it comes to managing and reducing chronic stress.
  • Now more than ever, it’s important to draw a line between work and life. Follow a set routine, keep normal working hours, dedicate time to family, and manage expectations with coworkers. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you’re always on the clock.
  • Stress management can help you sleep better, control your weight, get sick less often, improve your mood, and get along better with family and friends.


Young couple look at their phones after a home workout

  • Incorporate a variety of exercises—strength-training, high-intensity-interval training, and cardio—into your routine.
  • Move as much as possible throughout the day by walking, taking the stairs, stretching, etc.
  • Regular exercise won’t just improve your health, it’s a great way to help manage stress and improve mood!
  • If your gym is closed, there are countless great workout routines online (like this one).


  • Ditch all-or-nothing mindsets, like “I can’t eat any carbs.” Set yourself up for success by starting slow, compromising where you can, and rewarding yourself for your hard work with cheat meals.
  • Stop attaching labels like “good” and “bad” to foods, and stop labeling yourself as “good” or “bad” when you eat different things. Your wellness journey is fluid! Learn from it each day, and adapt to what works best for you.
  • Believe that your success is inevitable; adopt a growth mindset!

If you’re ready to lose weight, keep it off, and feel truly healthy, the N+ Approach is just what the doctor ordered!

Here’s some other helpful, healthful content from Brooke:

Watch the webinar recording:

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