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October 30, 2019
OnePiece Work

OnePiece Connect is a series of events designed to start the conversation on cross- border trends. It’s a sharing of ideas, opportunities, and energy among the OnePiece Work community - which includes international brands, founders, marketing professionals, agencies, influencers, and investors.

OnePiece Work Santa Monica recently hosted Jiahuan Xia, Co-Founder and Partner of streetwear retailer Solestage along with Freddy Tran Nager, Professor at University of Southern California and Founder of Atomic Tango LLC, for a dialogue on how to elevate your brand globally.

What follows are his insights into serving an international customer, building a truly international brand presence, and understanding the local market through visionary strategies.

On knowing your customers:

“I think what separates us from other major competitors are the products we’re picking - we know what teenagers and customers want. You have to think as if you’re the customer. I love the culture. Every day I’m researching what’s happening within the culture.”

On bringing Chinese brands to the U.S. market:

“It never works out if you do everything the Chinese way here in the U.S. You need to hire a local agency and the right people who understand the culture to help with it.”

On U.S. brands entering China:

“Connections really matter. It’s not about who you are, but about who you know. You have to know the right people to make things work there.”

Get inspired by the Solestage story!

Check out the full panel discussion and audience Q&A, and learn how Jia successfully navigates the U.S. and Chinese markets on his way to building a global brand.

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