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OnePiece Work
January 29, 2021
OnePiece Work

March 2021 will mark one year since half of the workforce left their traditional office spaces to work from home full-time. As we weren’t able to prepare for the impact of the pandemic, many aspects of our lives were turned upside-down. 

One of the many changes was to our work environment. According to CNBC, 75% of remote workers prefer to work in an office setting. 50% of remote workers, however, hope that their employers will support a hybrid-work model with which remote workers have the flexibility to work from home, or a flexible office space closer to home, a few times weekly. This is one of the many reasons why OnePiece Work adapted from being a coworking space to a more well-rounded flexible office space. We’re now offering On-Demand Workspace to provide a productive outlet for distributed teams, local freelancers, and mid-to-large enterprise clients. 

This massive change has impacted the way we work. Large enterprises are continuously adjusting their employee benefits and prioritizing employees’ well-being with work-from-home stipends and creative ways to connect virtually. As most of us have been working entirely from home, striking a balance between work and home life has been a challenge. According to Forbes, the majority of the remote workforce prefers a 3+2 option, which involves working from home two days per week and working from a hybrid office close to home three days per week. This can increase employee productivity and morale while providing an escape from the WFH-woes.

San Francisco’s Beyond HQ Maximizes Productivity for Distributed Team

BeyondHQ builds remote offices for fast-growing startups. Starting from the decision to launch, BeyondHQ helps their customers know where to go, who to hire, what to build, and how to build it. Expansion, as it stands today, is an inefficient necessity, especially for high-growth tech companies that need to scale quickly outside of expensive markets. 

The BeyondHQ team utilized OnePiece Work’s On-Demand services through the pandemic. The company has a small team, making in-person contact crucial after they lost access to their office. The amenities at OnePiece Work, including a productive work environment and convenient locations, are considered among the very best perks at coworking spaces in San Francisco. Additionally, since OnePiece Work offers many different types of rooms and workspaces, they would consider utilizing our On-Demand services for all departments. Ultimately, our On-Demand services provide the flexibility that teams now need to meet in-person at least a few times weekly.   

OnePiece Work has been a huge part of getting our team through the pandemic. We haven't had access to our office, and being a small team, the in-person contact has been crucial. - Allie Meng, Head of Product at BeyondHQ

Meeting Freelancers’ Needs With On-Demand Workspace

In contrast to large enterprises, local freelancers are fairly minimal in their workspace needs. Pre-pandemic, you would find freelancers working at local coffee shops, parks, and coworking spaces.

OnePiece Work’s On-Demand services truly cater to the local freelancer. By providing the flexibility to use the space as needed, affordable pricing, and the opportunity to network (socially distanced, of course) with OnePiece Work’s current members of like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers have much to gain from an On-Demand Workspace. Additionally, with OnePiece Work locations across California, they’re not limited to their nearest office. Freelancers love a change of scenery, and whether you want to be in the hustle and bustle of San Francisco or the serene vibe of Foster City, your distraction-free work environment is just a click away! 

Workspace and Meeting Rooms When You Need It

We’ve partnered with LiquidSpace to provide an effortless booking and payment process for you. You can follow a simple, step-by-step guide on how to reserve your workspace on our website. With locations across California, book an open workspace, meeting rooms, or private offices seamlessly, whenever you need it. 

Book your On-Demand Workspace with us today! Available locations include: 


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