Office Reopening Reflections: It’s Good To Be Back!

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July 10, 2020
OnePiece Work

Having reached the reopening phase of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the events of the past few months. While there have been many challenges along the way, we watched teams and workers adapt to the crisis with inspiring tenacity and creativity.

The Beginning

In the very beginning, our CEO Vickey Li made the decision to transition all current employees at OnePiece Work to work entirely from home. Vickey Li wrote her open letter announcing this decision, which was posted on Medium on March 12th, stated:

“We closely followed what [our offices in China] went through earlier this year and saw the sacrifices they made by self-quarantining. As a result, the precautions made a positive impact on the spread of the virus. We believe the U.S will have to go through the same painful but necessary short-term losses in an effort to maintain the long-term health of our communities.”

She added her name, along with other CEOs, to #StoptheSpread. This grassroots campaign marshaled support, financial and otherwise, for COVID-19 recovery. It focused primarily on raising money for national healthcare resources including ventilators, respirators, and supplies for hospitals across the U.S.

Managing Shelter-in-Place

During the shelter-in-place phase, our team developed innovative ways to engage members virtually. These efforts kept up the valuable community aspect of our OnePiece Work membership.

We hosted several webinars with industry leaders to discuss how businesses could navigate the crisis. Through these webinars, OnePiece Work acted as a resource to businesses who were heavily impacted by the ramifications of the pandemic.

Virtual social events provided a much-needed escape from the challenges of the shelter-from-home order. We hosted coffee hangouts, cooking shows, and Slack photo challenges. Additionally, the OnePiece Work team curated a list of apps and other platforms that individuals could use to connect with others from a distance.

Despite the ability to connect with others online, we and many others missed in-person human interaction throughout shelter-in-place. The energy and dynamic of a bustling workspace can’t be replicated virtually. That said, in finding ways to interact from a distance, inspiring and creative solutions emerged that will support businesses in future endeavors.

Preparing To Reopen

We’re still enforcing social distancing in the office. However, we are finding that just a friendly wave from a colleague in the office boosts our mood during the workday.

To keep everyone in our workspaces healthy, we’ve implemented new safety and wellness guidelines. Our priority is to protect the health and safety of our community, and we’re working to uphold that standard in the current climate. These guidelines are made to facilitate a smooth transition for teams as they move back into the office.

We’ve increased cleaning requirements at OnePiece Work locations to sanitize surfaces and common areas after every use. Social distancing in work stations is also essential, as is the avoidance of overcrowding in our offices. We implemented measures to avoid overcrowding before the crisis by rearranging and removing office furniture to open up more space for workers, and office capacities have been limited. Additionally, masks are required at OnePiece Work and hand sanitizer is available to all members and employees.

To further minimize the risk of transmission, we’ve paused non-essential services including snacks and special events. These services often involve multiple vendors and could increase the risk to everyone involved.

Reopening and The Benefits of Returning to The Office

We’re now back in the office, which has provided numerous benefits to our members and staff. Considering that more than 71% of workers who used coworking prior to the pandemic plan to return to it, it’s clear that an in-person work environment is valuable even in the tech-centric landscape of today. Moreover, according to the recent Global Coworking Growth Study conducted by and Coworking Resources, the industry is quickly recovering from the impact of COVID-19, and some regions have already reached pre-crisis levels.

The return to the office spurred a boost in productivity due to fewer distractions, and workers can more easily separate work life from home life. Having distinct “work time” and “personal time” is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and we are happy to return to a well-rounded schedule.

Having a clear boundary between work and personal life can lead to better sleep. It can be difficult while working out of the bedroom or living room to have a clear end to the workday. This can compromise workers’ ability to slow down and get a restful night’s sleep. Now, with an in-office workday, we can get our sleep patterns back on track.

Just leaving the house can have an enormous impact on quality of life. Sunlight does the body a world of good, delivering vitamin D for improved overall health. A generous dose of vitamin D from the sun has even been shown to improve brain function, which is a clear benefit as we aim for productivity in the workplace.

Stories From Our Members

We have now moved into the post-reopening phase, and the protocols that we’ve implemented at our workplace have received local government’s approval. Our members have shared stories of their experience with OnePiece Work throughout the crisis, including our Santa Clara member Siming Lu.

Siming was a member of OnePiece Work in Santa Clara before the lockdown. While she loved our services, she paused her membership during the crisis.

The lockdown didn’t hold Siming back from her plan to get married. She and her husband had a virtual wedding on Zoom, exemplifying the fact that beauty can emerge amidst uncertainty.

Siming’s husband needed a place to work that wasn’t at home. So, she referred him to our office space and he became a OnePiece Work member. He far prefers working in our office than working at home and is very happy with our professional services, as well as the adjustments that we’ve made to the work environment for COVID-19.

Hasan Mirjan is the CEO of SphereMail and a member of OnePiece Work Santa Monica. He shared his experience at our workspace with us:

“As someone who worked entirely from home, there is no comparison to OnePiece Work Santa Monica. The space is bright, clean, and free from WFH distractions. As the CEO, it’s imperative for me to have an office space to take virtual meetings, phone calls, and a desk big enough for my dual-monitors. I am currently working on the 2nd floor, but I love the flexibility to have lunch on the 3rd floor patio overlooking beautiful Santa Monica. I couldn’t recommend OnePiece Work enough - my productivity has increased tremendously, it’s amazing what having this office space has done for my personal and professional life.”

OnePiece Work is proud to provide a safe, productive work environment for businesses as they recover from the COVID-19 crisis. While the impact of the pandemic is far-reaching, we are thrilled with our progress and resilience over the past few months.

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