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August 24, 2020
OnePiece Work

As remote work becomes more commonplace, companies are starting to move from big cities to low-density locations — increasing the need for remote and satellite offices for distributed teams. From a workplace perk to a workplace norm, companies are adapting to be more flexible to this style of work even faster than before.

It's no secret that the workspace is evolving rapidly. So how do you keep up?

Introducing On-Demand Office Access

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In our experience helping 350+ companies find and design the right workspace for their teams in this changing landscape, we've gathered key insights around what modern workplaces need to adapt and thrive today. We know that you've got a lot on your plate — so here's how we can help.

With locations across California, book an open workspace, meeting rooms, or private offices by day seamlessly, when you need it. 

Book your On-Demand Workspace with us today! Available Locations: 

Seamless, Online Booking Process 

We’ve partnered with LiquidSpace to provide an effortless booking and payment process for you.
See below for a simple, step-by-step guide on how to reserve your workspace via our website:

1. Select the "Powered by OPW" tab on the Navigation Bar, Scroll down to "Find Your Workspace" section

2. On the Location Specific tab, scroll down to "Book Your On-Demand Office Access" section

3. Select the type of Office or Day Pass you prefer → Click Book then Select the Date / Time → Fill out your Payment Information and Email → Click "Complete"

After booking online, all guests are required to fill out our Health Questionnaire and review our Safety & Wellness Guide to ensure a safe and productive environment for all members and guests.

Upon arrival, our friendly staff will check you in and take temperature readings using a contactless, instant-read digital thermometer. Please note that face coverings are required in communal areas. 

Your Time is Valuable –
Workspace When You Need It

👏🏼 No Terms Required

Office access whenever you need it with 100% flexibility at an affordable price.

💰 Pay-As-You-Go

A seamless solution for whatever's coming next: off-sites, executive meetings, interviews, creative training sessions, and more.

🌎 Multiple Location Access

On-demand meeting rooms or office access for remote employees to work more efficiently.

Book your On-Demand Workspace with us today!


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