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March 25, 2021
OnePiece Work

The success of our on-demand workspace service, which aims to provide a productive outlet for remote workers, has led us to launch a new product: the Flexible Workspace Bundle.

One of the key changes to how we work spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic is employee desire for flexibility. According to a recent survey conducted by the real estate firm JLL, 71% of workers are expecting more flexible schedules, 57% want to have wider workspace options in the office, and 43% would like the option to work from a co-working facility from time to time.

To support employees’ diverse needs and work styles, future hybrid workspaces will need to be more human than ever. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to remote work. So, OnePiece Work’s Flexible Workspace Bundle provides your company with a variety of must-have services to offer your distributed team.

Flexible Workspace Bundle: What’s Included

  • Virtual Business Address

Never again worry about missing important mail for your business. We provide you with a virtual office, equipped with a range of business functions that are accessible online. Given that many traditional office spaces aren’t being utilized, a virtual business address will allow you to maintain your local presence without a physical location.    

  • On-Demand Access Discount

Our On-Demand Workspace is the most popular service that we offer to remote teams. By choosing our Flexible Workspace Bundle, you’ll unlock a 35%-50% discount on On-Demand Workspace, depending on your preferred plan. With locations across California, you’ll be able to seamlessly book an open workspace, meeting room, or private office by the day, whenever you need it with 100% flexibility at an affordable price. 

  • Complimentary Day Passes (for Elite)

Our Elite plan is designed to instantly boost your team’s productivity. As our top-tier bundle, we include up to 5 complimentary day passes* per month to any of our OnePiece Work locations across California ($175 Value).

Thinking long-term? Lock in an annual plan for even greater cost savings.


Choose The Plan That’s Right for Your Team

Are you an agile startup, ready to create a footprint and host small team meetings? Our Pro Plan can help you do just that, with a variety of cost-effective benefits to offer your small, distributed team. 

The Pro Plan (ideal for your executives and small teams up to 10) gets you a business address for your home base and access to any of the OnePiece Work network of boutique offices. For only $50/month**, apply your discount to day offices for in-person brainstorming sessions and meeting rooms for board meetings.

Are you an established company looking for a flexible workspace with the luxury office experience that your clients expect? Consider our Elite Plan to enhance the flexibility of your workspace without compromising on quality. 

The Elite Plan (ideal for teams of 15+) is for the team that knows what they’re doing and wants to do it well. With day passes for your drop-in on-sites and highly discounted meeting rooms for your executive teams, this plan adds flexibility on the backend while providing consistency on the front end. Our community management team goes above and beyond to deliver the quality you expect and the safety you need as you return to the office.

Are you working remotely, but know a few colleagues that could use a space to be productive away from home?

Our On-Demand Access is open to anyone that needs some heads-down time in a well-stocked professional office. Whether you need a desk for a day, a private office, or a large meeting room for a few hours, our flexible packages can help anyone find their way to a great workday.

There’s no reason to wait when it comes to the productivity of your team, and it’s our priority to make sure that your flexible workspace experience exceeds expectations. 

Share this with your Head of People and sign up with OnePiece Work today.


*Subject to change depending on availability. 

**Pricing at Annual Rate


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