Local Businesses Embracing Technology In The Fight Against COVID-19

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May 22, 2020
OnePiece Work

What will it take to beat COVID-19? Certainly courage, strength, sacrifice, and community… but perhaps most of all, it will take the vision to use our technology in new, innovative ways. In the weeks and months since the start of the pandemic, local businesses have worked tirelessly to create new solutions and re-purpose existing resources to slow the spread and ease suffering in our communities. We applaud the frontliners and heroes who have become the face of the fight, and rightfully so! But these behind-the-scenes warriors are also the ones who will turn the tide on COVID-19, help us adjust to a new way of life, and create the playbook for future generations to overcome the next global pandemic. Here’s a look at some of the organizations making a difference in our OnePiece Work Community.

Los Angeles


Quantgene is an advanced medical technology company focused on developing early-stage, multi-cancer detection procedures through a simple blood draw. In response to COVID-19, Quantgene plans to offer up its proprietary technology and services in order to help quickly sequence the viral genome. Genomic sequencing of pathogens is an essential part of the development of diagnostic tests and treatment options. Quantgene sees it as their social responsibility to join the fight with their unique technology and talents.


Family unpacks boxes in their new home

LeaseLock is the first and only nationwide lease insurance program, replacing traditional security deposits with insurance so renters can save thousands of dollars at move-in, while properties are better protected. As soon as the crisis hit, they knew they’d have to help residents struggling to pay their rent and the property owners trying to support them. LeaseLock decided to dedicate its marketing, data, and research teams to provide clarity on rent payment behavior across the country - helping operators benchmark their performance against their peers to make better decisions around resident relief policies like rent payment plans. LeaseLock is working with large multifamily apartment operators to eliminate expensive upfront security deposits and provide more affordable move-ins to new residents financially impacted by COVID-19.

byte is a direct-to-consumer, at-home invisible aligner company that straightens and whitens teeth for a lower price than traditional orthodontics. As a telehealth company, byte is still able to provide at-home services, but a COVID-19 initiative they’re particularly proud of is using their manufacturing labs and 3D printers to produce face shields and ventilator parts to donate to front-line workers nationwide. The byte team is working around the clock to help our frontliners while still continuing to grow their core business.

ViewSonic is a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics, and communications solutions. To help overwhelmed teachers, Viewsonic is offering up its Professional Development team to provide one-on-one online support for educators with any learning initiatives they may have. This includes guidance on topics like tools for distance learning, curriculum development, and video creation or conferencing for lessons. There is sometimes a gap between learning the scope and sequence of the technology, and the lessons educators hope to teach. That's why the team at ViewSonic is making itself available to help.  

Silicon Valley

Coding Dojo
Coding Dojo is one of the world’s top tech education firms. In the midst of COVID-19, it mobilized a network of more than 4,500 alumni to offer web and software development services on a volunteer basis. The Coding Dojo team hopes to help small businesses survive COVID-19 and grow stronger as a community. Businesses needing help can send an email to techforamerica@codingdojo.com or fill out this Google Form. Once the request is submitted, organizations can be paired with volunteers based on area, technology proficiency needed for a given project, and other factors. The effort began in early April and now has 190 volunteers in 30 states and 11 countries. New volunteers can sign up using this Google Form.

Postman is a collaboration platform for API development. They recently released the COVID-19 Tracking Project, curated from APIs found on their platform. The COVID-19 Tracking Project collects information from all 50 U.S. states and provides comprehensive testing data, as well as Twitter and YouTube API feeds and RSS feeds for the World Health Organization (WHO). The platform asks any organization that has a useful pandemic-related project that they would like to have deployed as an API to contact them.


Healthcare workers seated in the lobby of a hospital confer over a tablet

Aisera offers AI solutions for IT, HR, customer service, facilities, and cloud operations of companies, businesses, and organizations. They’re providing free software for 60 days to healthcare organizations and government agencies to help manage the influx of questions and phone calls from people worried about the COVID-19 outbreak. Aisera’s virtual remote work will help hospitals and government agencies deliver COVID-19-related responses to the high volume of questions, concerns, and inquiries caused by the pandemic. Aisera is hopeful that its tools can help save lives and slow the spread of this disease by providing timely responses to urgent public concerns.

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