How Diversity, Collaboration and Networking in Shared Office Spaces Improve Productivity

OnePiece Work
January 23, 2020
OnePiece Work

There are a ton of benefits to working in a shared office space, like saving money on overhead and having the agility to move at the speed of business. But there’s a HUGE one that you might not even realize - and it's the magic of working alongside other passionate and talented professionals who will push you further than you could’ve ever gone by yourself.

Diversity, collaboration, and networking are three of the main reasons why shared office spaces are projected to be the future of how we work. Here’s a look at how they’ll improve your productivity now.

Unique Perspectives = A Unique Advantage

Diversity in any setting is a huge advantage. In a shared office space, it can be the competitive edge that drives your success. The collection of different backgrounds and life experiences in most shared office spaces is an invaluable resource - especially for cross-border startups. Working alongside founders from different cultures can help you navigate foreign markets, bridge language barriers, and - most importantly - form global relationships that will strengthen your business and accelerate your growth.

Sharing More Than Just Space

Hustle and creativity are contagious. If you work in the right shared office space, it’s impossible not to feel the energy and passion of your peers. And before you know it, that energy will transfer to you. But the sharing doesn’t end there. The beauty of a shared office space is drawing on the skills and talents of those around you - and lending out your own. A shared office space is an incubator, and each member brings something different to the table. Find out what those somethings are, and use them to form partnerships that will take your business to the next level (just ask Uber, Spotify, and Instagram, which all started in shared office spaces.)

Never Stop Networking

Shared office spaces offer plenty of opportunities for networking through events, workshops, happy hours, and everyday interactions. Surrounding yourself with other founders can be a huge help as you face the challenges of launching a startup. What’s more, the best shared office spaces will provide access to key players, corporate partnerships, and VCs who can help your business grow. When you combine your ideas with their knowledge of scaling, anything is possible.

OnePiece Work is an innovative cross-border shared office space with ten locations in the U.S. and China. We create a comfortable, welcoming space that inspires every day, where members can interact freely with each other and build their own valuable network. We provide guidance for start-ups looking to expand globally by linking them up with our extensive network of investors, Fortune 500 companies, academic leaders, and entrepreneurs from across the globe. We host curated events including skills workshops, pitch competitions, conferences, and monthly lunches for our members.

Experience the diversity, collaboration, and networking at OnePiece Work and book your next event with us today!


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