Female Founders Roundtable: The Next Five Years in Tech

OnePiece Work
March 4, 2021
OnePiece Work

In honor of Women’s History Month, we asked some of our leading members and partners for their insights on the next five years in tech. As female founders, each has her own unique perspective on barriers, the path forward, and trends to watch. Here’s what they had to say:

Where would you like to see women in tech for the next 5 years?

What’s some exciting tech trends on the rise?

What barriers still exist for women in tech?

Meet Our Roundtable

Lee Rubin is an Israeli-American and the Founder & CEO of Confetti. She studied Marketing and Art at University of Florida and started off her career working for a popular marketplace called ZocDoc. In 2017, she founded Confetti with a dream to make planning events fun and stress-free.

Join Confetti Connect Club every Tuesday at 11AM PST, where you have the opportunity to walk through the platform and participate in one of our virtual games hands on!

Vickey Li is the co-founder and CEO at OnePiece Work, a global flexible workspace solution. OnePiece Work was built upon Vickey’s experience living and working abroad in major metropolitan cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, and San Francisco. Her passion for community and extensive experience in commercial real estate led her to the vision of a cross-border co-working space that would promote entrepreneurship, innovation, and accelerate global expansion for startups. In just three years, OnePiece Work has expanded to 10 cities globally and is a community of over 350 companies worldwide.

Nicole Vasquez is the Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer at Deskpass. Nicole believes that a certain kind of magic occurs when people of all different backgrounds come together to share information and ideas: they experience the power of perspective.

As a serial entrepreneur, Nicole has built companies and communities with the shared mission of supporting, promoting, and connecting people to the resources, opportunities, and networks that can help them reach their personal or professional goals.

Rania Reda is a serial entrepreneur and technologist. She is founder and CEO of a number of companies including ITQAN and Augmania.

Seeing the emerging global trend towards AR & VR, she founded Augmania in 2015 an AR platform that empowers digital marketing agencies and e-Commerce sellers to connect deeply with their consumer base and brings their brands to life.


Female Founders
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