Coworking Vs. Flexible Workspace

Vickey Li
September 10, 2020
Vickey Li

Prevalent Office Space Trends

Today, large companies are opting to move their headquarters from major, high-density cities to smaller suburbs around the world. This transition provides multiple benefits to both employers and employees. 

For one, moving to suburban areas allows companies to obtain larger office spaces at lower rates. With global financial uncertainty stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, lower office prices can provide relief to companies looking to transition away from traditional long term leases.

Additionally, office space in suburban areas provides shorter, safer commutes for employees. Most people live in the suburbs to begin with. So, by moving away from high-density cities, companies can enable employees to bike or drive to work. This eliminates the need for public transportation, which is often slower and less reliable. 

Rethinking Office Strategies

Another rising trend among mid to large enterprises today is a willingness to hire more remote workers. Advancements in technology have facilitated remote working - work is no longer limited to the location of your office. So, companies are allowing remote employees to utilize flexible workspaces in their area. This provides remote workers with a productive office environment without confining them to a specific city. 

Office spaces are clearly evolving at a rapid-fire pace. How can your company keep up?

For companies looking to transition into a new office model, coworking and flexible office space are two popular and economical options. While these two modern office space models are similar in some respects, there are distinct differences to consider. 

In Coworking Spaces:

  • The rate is charged per person. 
  • The office layout is fixed for every user. 
  • A “one service fits all” approach is used. 
  • Access to multiple office locations may or may not be offered. 

In Flexible Office Spaces:

  • The rate is charged based on square footage.
  • The layout is customizable to adapt to various needs and company identities.  
  • Month-to-month flexible terms are available. 
  • To improve productivity, access to multiple meeting rooms and office space for remote employees is available. 

OnePiece Work’s Flexible Office Solutions

OnePiece Work offers multiple flexible office solutions to meet companies’ ongoing and evolving needs. These include:

  • On-Demand Office Access 

These services include ready-to-use office space and access to an extensive array of amenities to boost productivity. Our On-Demand Office Access is pay-by-the-day with no terms required. The option to work at our open seating area, rent a private office for the day, or book a Meeting Room - reserve a workspace when you need it.

  • Tailored Workspace Services

Our comprehensive workspace services are designed for companies transitioning from a traditional office to a flexible office. We offer move-in-ready private offices for small to medium businesses (teams of 2 to 20), as well as a specialized floor for medium to large enterprises (teams of 20 and up). 

Vickey Li is the co-founder and CEO at OnePiece Work, a global flexible workspace solution. OnePiece Work was built upon Vickey’s experience living and working abroad in major metropolitan cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, and San Francisco. Her passion for community and extensive experience in commercial real estate led her to the vision of a cross-border co-working space that would promote entrepreneurship, innovation, and accelerate global expansion for startups. In just three years, OnePiece Work has expanded to 10 cities globally and is a community of over 300 companies worldwide.

Feel free to connect with me via Linkedin with any questions you may have!


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