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June 1, 2019
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High profile consumer brands and professional services firms have been major employers and training grounds in China for elite international professionals. A stint at McKinsey, Procter and Gamble, or Nike’s China branches can position Chinese professionals to take on a cross-border career with knowledge of local China dynamics and international business practices.

As more Chinese brands now push to expand internationally, those in the US looking to build a career in international tech can get exposure to top Chinese companies in their US branches.

So before you buy tickets to head to Beijing for hands-on experience,consider gaining direct cultural experience while in the US employed by Chinese companies.

Experience at the US branches of these tech companies is valuable for Americans and internationally educated Chinese graduates alike, since the problems facing these companies as they expand abroad are going to be unique.

  1. ByteDance

If you’re familiar with TikTok (Douyin), then you’ve already used one of the many products managed by this privately held company founded in 2012. ByteDance went global in 2015 and now has offices in every region of the habitable world.

Why should you work here?

With well-recognized products in both China and the US, not only will your parents have plenty to brag about next time they visit their hometown, but also your resume will be fortified for both country’s job markets. On top of brand recognition, at the core of ByteDance’s product technology is AI, and they use it to“inform, entertain, and inspire people across language, culture, and geography.” Both the technology experience and the vision of ByteDance will help anyone looking for a future in cross-border work.

ByteDance is currently filling both intern and experienced positions. We think this Applied Machine Learning Intern is a good head start for someone looking for more AI experience, while this Visual UI Designer would be a great career for someone who would like to make trips back and forth to China. If you’d like to work with TikTok directly, apply for the newly formed role, Product Operations Manager.

2. VIPKid

In China, VIPKid is known both for its trendy marketing in the metros of Tier 1 cities and the flexibility it offers for quality English tutoring, while the company is loved by US teachers for paying a decent hourly rate. The education industry is currently considered a blue sea in China, where VIPKid has flourished for the past 5 years, when it was founded in October of 2013.

Why should you work here?

Founder Cindy Mi has emphasized that quality of personalized education matters most to her, and that vision has proven to translate into every other aspect of the company, with teachers frequently reporting how they feel incredibly valued to work here. Besides this emphasis on both student and teacher, VIPKid has been identified as the most valuable education technology startup company in the world, with funding in the billions of dollars.

VIPKid has opportunities for work in several fields, from HR to design, but this Marketing Operations Administrator based in San Francisco needs someone skilled in managing Hubspot, a great opportunity for someone wanting to move into education technology. More seasoned professionals could apply for this Project Coordinator position, which requires travel to the headquarters in Beijing.

3. DJI

Founded 13 years ago and based in Shenzhen, DJI leads the world in the drone industry by holding 74% of the drone brand global market according to a 2018 market research report by Skylogic. Its products are not only used all over the world in civilian, commercial, nonprofit, and military applications, but DJI has also won an Emmy.

Why should you work here?

Creativity and innovation in engineering plus efficiency in production and manufacturing has helped DJI take a significant lead in the drone industry. Of course anyone seeking to work here should expect to be rigorously tested when flying ideas, and this type of atmosphere will prepare you for a future in the global technology industry.

Though there are positions available in several of their offices globally, the Palo Alto office is gearing up and hiring several engineer types, for robotics, the back-end, DevOps, iOs, and platform security.

4. Insta360

Insta360 is another Shenzhen-based company that has garnered quite a bit of press recently for its groundbreaking foldable EVO camera that shoots 3D in 180 and 360. Their products standout for the quality of the camera not suffering from the range of innovation, with several of their personal-use cameras being able to plug into phones.

Why should you work here?

Along with traditional applications of the camera competing with GoPro, Insta360 has set its lens to capture some of the VR industry, a space that tech giants in the US also intend to fully explore.

If your heart is set on staying in the US as a base, apply for the Marketing position, though if you are willing to head to China,the company is clearly in need of tech talent in Shenzhen, with 15 open positions, from AI Senior Engineer to C++ Development Engineer to app development. Please note that these Shenzhen-based positions are listed in Chinese.

5. Alibaba Group

This massive conglomerate in financial, Internet, AI, cloud computing, entertainment, and investment industries, is well known in China for Taobao and Alipay. Before Didi smoked out Uber’s competition in China, Alibaba did the same when eBay tried to make its mark in the mainland by buying out Taobao in 2003.

Why should you work here?

Alibaba was unique by bringing a consumer-protection business model to China, and its taken that vision around the globe, seeking out opportunities to continue to innovate. Regardless of which product or company you’ll be working on with Alibaba, the group is explicit with celebrating its unique culture, from Ali Day to Ali Ten interests groups to describing its employees in terms of fine wine.

Alibaba has offices in New York, Pasadena, San Francisco, San Mateao, Sunnyvale, and Seattle, and they’re hiring for machine learning, blockchain, Alipay platform engineers, data and more. If you don’t qualify for some of these heavy-hitting positions, Alibaba’s Global Talent Development(AGTD) program can get you the guanxi and experience you need to step into other projects within the company. At the moment the program is cultivating its current set of talent, but be on the lookout for the next time the program accepts applicants.

With the Chinese economy focusing on international expansion through its Belt and Road initiatives and requiring its schools to teachAI, you can be sure that gaining experience in the US branches of these Chinese tech companies will give you solid footing for a future where China is a strong international tech contender.

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