12 Benefits of Having Remote Employees for Your Tech Startup

OnePiece Work
January 16, 2020
OnePiece Work

You’ll face hundreds of questions over the course of launching a startup. “Should I hire remote workers?” should definitely be at the top of your list.

Data shows that the remote workforce is increasing year over year, and more and more studies emerge each day proving its benefits. Why is remote working so popular, and how can you leverage it to gain immediate success?

Let’s explore how remote employees can save money, improve efficiency, and operate globally for your tech startup.

Savings on Equipment

This one’s simple. A remote workforce means less communication and tech equipment costs for your startup. While not true for all positions, most remote workers will provide their own phone and computer (especially freelancers, who can claim them under their own business expenses). Seamless telecommuting can save you tens of thousands of dollars per employee - per year.

Reduced Overhead

Another obvious benefit. A remote team can eliminate the need for an office and its associated costs like utilities, Wi-Fi, supplies, furniture, rent, and additional perks. Even if you opt for a virtual workspace to legitimize your startup, you’ll still save on the major expense of operating an office space.

Improved Wellness

Working remote improves your employees’ mental and physical wellness. Lower stress levels and an increased work/life balance enables remote employees to spend more time being productive and less time taking off from work. In fact, remote workers consistently take less sick time and unscheduled absences.

Global Talent Pool

By hiring a remote workforce, you’re no longer restricted to your own backyard to source talent. Today’s telecommuting allows professionals from all over the world to seamlessly collaborate in real-time. You can find the best of the best (sometimes at a fraction of the cost) if you consider a worldwide search as you build your team.

More Productive Team

The distractions of office life are real. The endless meetings, the idle chatter, and the dozens of other environmental factors can result in a huge productivity drain. By working in an environment that’s optimal for them (home, Starbucks, a great coworking space or anywhere with Wi-Fi) your remote workforce will be able to focus on the work at hand, and even put in the extra hours since they’re away from the 9-5 office mindset.

Less Turnover

Employee retention rate is a hidden advantage to hiring remotely. Workers, especially younger ones, view flexibility as a requirement when considering a job. And when you factor in commuting, pregnancy leave, and other “deal-breakers” for workers, remote working is the perfect solution for retaining talent and keeping them happy.

Increased Agility

Your agility can be defined as the ability to pivot, react, and respond to the challenges of launching a startup. Having a remote workforce that’s untethered to one location, and able to work outside the confines of standard business hours means that you’ll have quicker and broader response time as you find your footing.

Easier Scaling

Scaling is a good problem to have, and an easy one if you hire remote workers. Finding more spec and tech for a growing team means spending valuable time and money. With a remote workforce, you can plug and play as soon as you find the right talent.

Lower Environmental Footprint

The average office consumes electricity and water, paper products, supplies and the carbon footprint associated with their production and delivery, and so much more which burdens the environment. By moving away from the office model, and eliminating your workers’ commutes, you’ll be doing your part to lower the environmental footprint.

No Commute

We’ve already touched on this, but it bears repeating. Eliminating the commute is a HUGE benefit to you and your workforce. For them, it relieves stress, saves time, and saves money. For you, it increases productivity, extends working hours, and attracts and retains talent.

Broader Perspective

Remote working allows you to hire globally, and when you hire globally you broaden your perspective. Bringing in hires from different backgrounds (whether it be another city or another continent) lets you take advantage of diverse skill sets, viewpoints, and experiences that you never would’ve had access to otherwise.

It’s Never Been Easier

Today’s tools, tech, and culture make hiring a remote workforce more possible than ever. The future is now and the benefits are huge for startups looking to embrace the remote worker model.

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